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We Have the Solution for Your Data Loss

Our skilled technicians specialize in data recovery and backups, on-site computer upgrades, troubleshooting, and repairs.

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Trusted Data Recovery and Backup Services in Winnipeg

Computer system malfunctions or cyber-attacks can result in data loss, which could adversely affect your business. Having a backup plan ready will help you avoid such situations and ensure your business runs smoothly without any disruptions. Antech Computer Services Inc. helps you develop a modern data backup infrastructure for data security. We provide data recovery and backup in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. Antech Computer Services Inc. has the solutions for all your computer needs. We provide data recovery services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Our certified technicians specialize in backups, onsite computer upgrades, troubleshooting and repairs.

Offering mobile services in the Winnipeg area, you can rely on us for business solutions related to computers and laptops. Our professional, friendly technicians are highly experienced in both home and business computing solutions. We work with computer systems in banks and build computers for a wide variety of business and institutional use, including pharmacies and government agencies.

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Did you know that a deleted file can stay on your drive until it’s overwritten? Learn more about data, and don’t forget to call us for help if you’re in need of data recovery services in Winnipeg.

How can data get lost? Is recovering files that I accidentally deleted actually possible?

The most routine way data gets lost is when you accidentally delete a file you weren’t supposed to. A deleted file actually stays on your drive until it’s overwritten by something else. Therefore, it’s actually relatively simple to recover if you act quickly. Simply browsing webpages can overwrite your “lost” data by storing cookies and caches.

Data recovery technology is more advanced than ever before. After it disintegrated upon re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere, Australian company Kroll Ontrack managed to recover 99% of the data from the Challenger spacecraft’s hard drive!

Do I really need to hire someone to recover data? Can’t I just download software off the Internet?

While simple data loss can be repaired by downloading and running recovery software, major data loss is best handled by the professionals.

Because deleted files can be detrimental to individuals and businesses alike, you don’t want to damage your computer further by making mistakes. Hiring a professional also ensures you a reliable and trustworthy recovery process, as downloading software from the internet comes with its own security risks.

How can I avoid losing my data?

From power outages to simply dropping your computer, threats to your data can happen any time.

We suggest backing up your hard drive regularly, to both external hard disks and cloud storage. You can also avoid data corruption by keeping your anti-virus software up to date and upgrading your hardware.


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At Antech Computer Services Inc, we also offer POS support, network setup and virus/spyware removal.

If you have any questions or you want to request more information, please don’t hesitate to call us. Contact our experts today for data recovery and backup in Winnipeg.


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