Clients Praise Antech’s Winnipeg Computer Services

Antech is pleased that our clients let us know how much they appreciate our technicians and mobile computer services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. We are also very happy to share some of our clients’ recommendations here.

Fixed Our Slow Computer

Kyle Will came out to fix our computer which was running really slow and had a lot of pop-up ads. In an hour, he deleted a whole bunch of stuff and now it works like it is brand new. I highly recommend the service.

George T.

Rescued & Restored My Frozen Laptop

Dear Ron;

Just a note to again convey my personal thanks and gratitude for all your extraordinarily capable knowledge and experience resulting in your successful "rescuing" and "restoring" today of my very "frozen" laptop. Obviously and clearly, this was very challenging and difficult assignment but thanks to your persistent and determined efforts I am extremely pleased to have my seemingly "lost" laptop "back" along with all its "data" running properly, again. Great Work!!! Thank you, Ron !!!

Also many thanks for your advice and assistance with the successful downloading, upgrading and transitions to Windows 10. I am already enjoying the new "platform" which I think is a tremendous improvement over "7".

Have a wonderful summer!

Again, many thanks for all your help, today!

Best Regards,

Kristjan B.

President, Krisenga Limited

Competent, Fast & Friendly Technician

Just wanted to let you know that I was really pleased with the service that I received on Monday from one of your technicians. He was *very* competent, fast and friendly. He explained computer issues to me in layman's terms, which was very much appreciated, and he recommended changes that I could make to protect myself online. I was very impressed.

Nancy M.

Saved My Photos, Files & Downloads

As you know, your technician attended to my home on Aug. 30th, 2007, for a service call on my 2004 refurbished computer. The power switch was not working, and it was heating up and slowing down. When he checked it out, he informed me that my computer was not safe to use as I had a friend come in 2 years ago, and he attached a huge transformer to the back of my computer which could have electrocuted me or my son!! Thanks to him, I followed his instructions for using my computer safely and instructed me to get a new one ASAP. He said he would be very worried about me until I did get a new one.

That brings me to today, I had ordered a new computer and had the technician come to my home again to set it up and download all of my files from my old one. I had many files in my documents that were artwork that I had made, plus so many photos of weddings and precious family gatherings. Also a ton of favourites saved in Internet Explorer.

He was at my home at 11 a.m. as he said; he was prompt and he worked very hard to set up my new computer. Plus he made sure that all of my files, folders, documents, and favourites were downloaded to my new computer. He also went the extra mile and gave me free AVG and a few other programs. I would highly recommend this technician to any of my friends, co-workers or family. I really trust him, because he is a kind, honest, friendly person who really cares about his clients.

Donna O.

Clear Explanations & Amazing Knowledge

Hi Ron! Congrats on your Consumer\'s Choice Award; you deserved it. Will and I just want to say that since we first did business with you in 2002, you have been THE most prompt, competent and qualified service person we have ever had the pleasure to deal with. Your knowledge of computers is amazing and your willingness to explain the “who, what and why” of what you've done so we, the less tech-smart, understand goes far beyond the common standard. Thanks from both of us.

Charlotte & Will T.

The Right Solutions for My Computer Problems

Dear Ron:

Many, many thanks for your recent extraordinary, very determined and ultimately successful efforts in assisting me in restoring and upgrading my principal home office computer from XP to Vista. I am absolutely delighted with my computer's extremely fast and very responsive performance. Simply amazing!! Due entirely to your successfully implemented practical, informed and proper solutions to a variety of issues, system transitions, performance concerns, internet stuff, computer security, off-site backup storage, etc.

Many thanks for your very patient, persistent and professional resolution of these very complex computer issues. In a few hours, you were able to accomplish what I was unable to do via numerous personal futile attempts over about 3 weeks!! Thankfully, I still have my hair, my sanity, and no office or equipment residual or collateral damage has been sustained!! I cannot tell you how delighted I am to have my computer now running so wonderfully well again with truly blazing speed and efficiency after several weeks of severely compromised and painfully slow performance.

And yes, not having to immediately and urgently replace my now very functional computer, is a very big benefit as now I can patiently wait for the inevitable future sale prices on computers with the latest system and "power chip du jour." You can be absolutely certain I will be calling you when the installation process is more IT "amateur days and nights" for me!! Again, many, many thanks,

Sincerely yours:

Kris B.

Great Customer Service from Antech

In today's fast-paced world, customer service has become something we can no longer expect. That was not the case on March 18, 2008. I called your company after another company did not show up for the scheduled appointment. Much to my surprise, your technician not only showed up on time, but was polite and provided me with great customer service. He diagnosed my computer problem and offered some great advice. I will highly recommend him to my friends and co-workers should they ever need computer assistance.

Thank you again for great customer service, Antech!!

Lynda H.

Thanks for Installing Our Server on the Weekend

Good morning Ron, I just wanted to thank you for your help this weekend. I was really impressed and very grateful you gave us your time Saturday and Sunday to install a server for us after our previous supplier's equipment had failed us for the second time and their technical support has been completely incompetent. Your knowledge and work ethic was very impressive and I look forward to you serving all and any of our future computer hardware and service requirements.

Thanks again!

Kevin S.


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