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Internet-connected devices have become a major part of our lives. With our personal information stored in many of these devices, the risk of viruses and malware affecting your device is terrifying. Some viruses and malware pose a great risk to your personal and business information. With stealing sensitive data, some malware can also lock your computer station or slow your system down and destroy files. Proper safety measures can ensure that your privacy and your data are protected. Count on Antech Computer Services Inc. for professional computer virus removal services in Winnipeg. We provide virus removal services for both corporate and home computer systems. 

Here are some tips to protect your computer from viruses:

1.     Keep Your Operating System Updated

Keep your operating system up-to-date as developers often announce fixes that help with the security leaks. You can also opt for automatic update installation to help you with the updates as soon as they are released.


2.     Install Antimalware Software

Make sure antivirus programs are installed on your computer to block threats before they damage your system. Antivirus software can protect your computer as soon as you power-up. Keep the software updated to ensure you have reliable protection when you are connecting to the internet. Even if you do not access the internet on your system, install a security program as USB sticks often carry viruses and it is dangerous to transfer data without having proper security in place.


3.     Backup Your Files

Backup your files regularly to ensure your data is not lost in case of an emergency. You can store your data on an external hard drive or cloud storage. Ideally, having your data stored in different locations will give you peace of mind and you will be able to recover any lost data.


4.     Protect Your Personal Information

Ensure you safeguard your personal information, especially on social media channels and message boards. Use proper privacy settings to ensure the access to your files is protected.


5.     Strong Passwords

Avoid using the same password for all your accounts as they are easy to hack. Always use a strong, complex password and keep changing it every three months for additional security. 


6.     Take Precaution While Clicking on Links And Attachments

Avoid opening emails from unknown people or companies. To check whether the link is authentic, hover over the link to understand if the link provided is spam. Even while downloading files from the internet, scan the file using antivirus software and then run it on your computer.


7.     Use a Firewall

Check if your system has a built-in firewall that can block hackers from using your system. It can also help block hackers from downloading harmful apps to your system. Make sure the firewall is enabled and updated regularly.


8.     Enable a Pop-Up Blocker 

Pop-up windows appear on top of the website that you are browsing. Online pop-ups usually lead to spammy websites that can steal your data. Pop-blocker is turned on by default in your system, which prevents some of the spam websites from appearing.


9.     Download From Secure Sites

Always download from secure websites or manufacturer sites. A secure website starts with 'https.' So ensure the websites you use to browse or download are secure.


Always delete your browsing history if you are using a public system. Clearing caches and cookies can help protect your personal information. Be cautious while browsing to ensure you avoid suspicious links. Antech Computer Services Inc. provides virus, malware and ransomware removal services. We use enterprise-grade tools that help identify and remove viruses and malware. We also offer data recovery and backup services along with personal computer and laptop repair services.


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