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data backup

Most of your documents are stored in storage devices of computers and mobiles. Data could be lost due to computer damage, virus infection or hard drive failure. Data loss is a huge problem for individuals as well as businesses of all sizes. Storing a copy of your data on a separate medium such as a hard drive or cloud storage will usually protect you against data loss. If you are looking for data backup services in Winnipeg, get in touch with Antech Computer Services Inc. Our skilled technicians specialize in data recovery and backups for both homes and businesses. We also provide on-site computer upgrades, troubleshooting and repairs.

Top Six Reasons for Data Backup

Some top reasons for data backup are:

1. Business Reputation

Restoring lost data can affect your business productivity and ROI. Small businesses can fail within six months after a data loss as they are not usually prepared for such incidents. Losing personal data also affects the reputation of your business and you might even have to face legal troubles from the compliance team.

2. Recovery

Data files could be deleted, reformatted or corrupted while opening attachments containing viruses. While simple data can be recovered by running recovery software, you will need the help of professionals to recover data from drives that have been formatted or damaged. Avoid downloading software recovery programs to recover your data. Software programs come with their own risk and might permanently delete the data you want to recover.

3. Data Security

Data backup keeps your files safe from accidental data loss or unauthorized breaches. Backup files are stored in separate physical or virtual locations that you can easily access. They are also encrypted for additional security. With an increase in cyberattacks, it is imperative for companies to invest in data backup solutions that prevent and detect data violations.

4. Remote Work Location

With remote work locations, managing data across different devices is difficult. Having a central backup database, such as a cloud-based storage, to save all the data from remote locations will ensure your data is not lost.

5. Audits and Archives

Financial records should have a backup for regulatory purposes. It is your responsibility to protect your records and make them available to the Canada Revenue Agency if required.

6. Sense of Security

Taking regular data backups gives you a sense of security. Opt for scheduled backups in case you forget to back up your data regularly.

How to Avoid Data Loss

  • Back up your data regularly on a hard drive and also on cloud storage.

  • Never store your back up data at the same place as your operational data. You don’t want to lose both in case of an event such as a fire.

  • Use updated anti-virus software.

  • Ensure your computer has a generator backup to avoid data loss due to power surges.

  • Be careful while opening attachments from unknown senders.

  • Check your back up data to ensure its reliability in case of data loss.

Antech Computer Services Inc. provides reliable and trustworthy data recovery solutions in Winnipeg. We also provide remote technical support and professional computer virus removal services for both corporate and home computer systems.

Contact us today to learn more about different data recovery options from our experts.



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